5 ways to get your home summer ready

By Amy Patterson

Summer is the perfect time to revamp some easily neglected parts of your home and start fresh. So take a weekend and give your home a little extra TLC.get_your_house_summer_ready-01

  1. Change your air filters – Though most air filters are supposed to be changed monthly, it’s rare that homeowners actually get to it that often. But, you should be changing them at least once every season, because the cleaner the filter, the more efficient your system, and the less money you’ll pay for heating and cooling. You can learn more about air conditioner maintenance here.
  2. Change your water filters – Whether it’s out of your fridge, on your spigot or in a pitcher, chances are you’ll be drinking more water this summer, so you’ll want to make sure your filters are fresh.
  3. Spruce up your patio – Since you’ll be spending more time outside enjoying those long summer nights, you’ll want to spruce up your favorite outdoor space with some summer spunk. Try adding a DIY lounge or a fire pit.
  4. Deep clean your carpets – Carpets. Are. Gross. Seriously, they hold everything from dirt to bacteria deep down where your vacuum can’t reach! So invest in a deep cleaning carpet service to get your carpets fresh and clean just in time for summer.
  5. “Spring” clean – Along with getting your carpets deep cleaned, a seasonal transition is the perfect time to clean the parts of your house that you don’t usually get to in your weekly sweep. Wash your windows inside and out so you can enjoy the weather from inside as well, tackle those ceiling corner cobwebs and spruce up your molding with a natural cleanser.

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