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Simple to Stunning: Bold Walls

I have oddly fallen in love with wallpaper. It feels a little like a forbidden love. I grew up in...

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Wall art is essential to making your new home feel…well, homey! But it can be expensive. Check out this not-so-expensive recipe...

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By Morgan Saylor On January 12, 2017

The Blank Wall

You may have one in your house, lurking in your living room, or looming in the hall – the big, blank wall with nothing on it....

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Tags: Art, Wall art, walls,

By Morgan Saylor On January 6, 2017

DIY Triangle Wall

For my first DIY project this year, I wanted to add some visual interest to my 2-year-old’s bedroom. I fell in love with this...

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Tags: DIY, Art, Wall art,

By Morgan Saylor On December 9, 2016

DIY Abstract Wall Art

Nurture your love for painting, and rope your family into joining in as well with this DIY abstract wall art painting project!

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Tags: DIY, Fun, Easy,

By Morgan Saylor On October 7, 2016

Canvas Print Hack

Being a proud mama or papa makes getting a good family or kid portrait that much sweeter. Blowing it up and displaying it can run...

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