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Avoid Paper Piles

Avoid Paper Piles

If the pencil and backpack displays at the front of your grocery store didn’t give it away, nor the longer commute to work then perhaps when you go over to your friend’s house,...

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DIY Fun Easy Art Wall art paint how-to walls interior decor do it yourself

DIY Dragged Paint Wall Art

Wall art is essential to making your new home feel…well, homey! But it can be expensive. Check out this not-so-expensive recipe for DIY dragged paint wall art by mrkate.

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Art Wall art walls wallpaper

The Blank Wall

You may have one in your house, lurking in your living room, or looming in the hall – the big, blank wall with nothing on it. What do you do?

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DIY Art Wall art how-to walls wall decor features vinyl

DIY Triangle Wall

For my first DIY project this year, I wanted to add some visual interest to my 2-year-old’s bedroom. I fell in love with this wilderness-campy aesthetic and while searching for inspiration via...

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DIY Fun Easy Art Wall art paint painting

DIY Abstract Wall Art

Nurture your love for painting, and rope your family into joining in as well with this DIY abstract wall art painting project!

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Decor Decorate Art Wall art Home Decor new home

The Art of Art Sourcing

Deciding on art for your new digs can be both a challenge and a hit to your wallet, but it doesn’t have to be. Before you go pouring over art galleries, take a note from with these...

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Style Art Wall art Home Decor bedroom how-to nightstand

Nightstand Styling 101

Sure, it could simply house a lamp, an alarm clock, your phone charger and a book. But isn’t your bedside table worthy of a more elegant, relaxing vibe? The answer is yes!

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First Time Home Buyers Home Homeowners Interior Design Style Easy Decor Art Home Decor homebuying paint tips how-to hacks

Home Styling Do's & Don'ts

You’ve purchased your new home and are eager to settle in, but you’re a little lost on the interior design of the place. How low are you supposed to hang a chandelier over a dining table? A...

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DIY Pinterest Interior Design Decor Art Wall art

Record Styling

Put aside your IPods, CDs (if you still have any…), and your parents’ old cassette tapes, we’re going way back to the record. While some may think listening to records is obsolete with the advent of...

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