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Thinking about buying a home this spring? Here’s a few things you should know going into it.

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By Morgan Saylor On April 6, 2017

Window Bars 101

Lacking confidence in the safety of your neighborhoods’ security? Structural security bars are an option for those who are...

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Just because your retired doesn’t mean it’s time to watch your wallpaper peel. By all means, relax and take the time you need to...

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Part of adulting these days is familiarizing one’s self with all forms of insurance – homeowner’s insurance, private mortgage...

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Want to know the secret to home buying power? Well, there’s no secret. Simply sitting down with your Stockton Mortgage Banker to...

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Tags: Home Buyer, home buyers, DTI,

By Morgan Saylor On March 31, 2017

Selling to Millennials

Millennials and Baby Boomers are trading spaces, so to speak. Boomers are saying sayonara to their homes in suburbia and...

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